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Welcome. I’m independent researcher and life/work designer recently retired as a professor from the College of William and Mary. I’m developing this site to serve as way of collecting and sharing ideas and resources in my areas of interest—career development, design thinking, lifelong learning and emerging technology. My current work focuses on helping individuals design self-directed learning projects that help them grow professionally and personally. I also work with universities to help them develop human-centered programs for lifelong learners.

Design Your Life Coaching: I’m working as a coach helping individuals learn to use design thinking to solve the wicked problem of creating an integrated and creative life. I’m a certified Designing Your Life coach, and I’m engaged in a long-term project with my colleague Mark Hofer to help graduate students get the most out of their programs to become the most effective life-long learners they can be.

Artificial Intelligence and Academic Writing Project. New advances in AI large language models reached the point where the output is as good or better than most first drafts I can create. I’m testing and exploring new tools to apply these new tools to getting real work done.

Knowledge Management: I’ve started using new applications like Craft and Obsidian to manage the thousands of documents of all kinds that I’ve collected over the years into some sort of meaningful web.

Humanistic Adult Education: I’m doing a project with the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalist congregation to explore how we might incorporate the link new knowledge from positive psychology into traditional ways of thinking about adult growth and development.

Apple Productivity:. I’m also interested in all things related to the “Apple Ecosystem”. I’ve been using the Mac since it first came out, and still marvel at the “bag of gold” that sits on my desk. (And now on my wrist, on my lap and in my pocket.)

Techfoot has been around for a while and has gone through more lives than any cat. It continues to evolve and develop.