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I’ve just retired after 22 years at William & Mary, serving most recently as Executive Professor of Higher Education and a faculty fellow at the Center for Innovation in Learning Design (CILD) at the School of Education.  I spent 2018-19 as Executive Professor in Residence at Swem Library and was coordinator of the University Teaching and Learning Project during 2019-20–until the pandemic hit.

I’m currently working as an independent researcher, using this site as a way of exploring and communicating my emerging interests. Even though I am fully retired”, I still have a fair number of academic interests and areas that I want to explore. Here are some of the questions that I’m spending some time thinking about right now:

  • How can we get professionals to think more systematically and deliberately about how they manage their indivudal learning projects?
  • How can we help older adults get more comfortable and creative in using computer technology to learn and grow in areas they are interested in?
  • How will robotics and artificial intelligence shape the future of work?
  • I’m also interested in all things related to the “Apple Ecosystem”. I’ve been using the Mac since it first came out, and still marvel at the “bag of gold” that sits on my desk. (And now on my wrist, on my lap and in my pocket.)

Techfoot has been around for a while and has gone through more lives than any cat. It continues to evolve and develop.