Drezner Denied Tenure

Link to: danieldrezner.com :: Daniel W. Drezner :: So Friday was a pretty bad day….

One of the articles we read for our “should graduate students blog?” discussion was Confessions of a Scholar Who Blogs by Daniel Drezner at the University of Chicago. Last week, the political science department voted to deny him tenure. Lots of analysis and a host of comments. Was his blog the reason?

[Wait a minute, you can’t leave it at that. What happened? What the hell happened? Why didn’t you get tenure? Was it your failure to anchor yourself within a clearly established theoretical paradigm? A lack of respect from peers in your IPE subfield? Too much output? A declining respect of your subfield by your tenured colleagues? The departmental turn away from mainstream political science scholarship? Your political orientation? Jealousy of your public intellectual status? WAS IT THE FRIGGIN’ BLOG??!!–ed.]

My answers in order: I dunno, perhaps, probably not, maybe, I guess so, a little, could be, I seriously doubt it, and who the hell knows? Any decent social scientist must allow for multiple causes, so it’s not necessarily an either/or question.

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