Drupal Number Two in Multi-User Blogs

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Drupal came out number two in James Farmer’s survey of multi-user blogging engines. As we’ve been noticing in our work with Drupal in class, one obstacle to making it number one is the complexity of the vocabulary and the huge array of modules available to extend the functionality of the application.

Perhaps the most significant stumbling block for a first time installer however is to get around the conceptual differences between a ’story’, ‘page’ ‘blog’ and so on and that to a large degree this simplicity is based on a pretty solid understanding of this kind of vocabulary and the Drupal system.

WordPress Multi-User was number one in the list.

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  1. The Drupal language is extensive and rich but the more I play with it, the easier it becomes. It seems intimating because as said, it does offer so much in regards to modules.

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