Web 2.0 Music Theory Course

Link to: MUT 112 – Music Theory I @ Oakland University

This site has pulled together a variety of interactive tools to support a music theory course, including a series of podcasts organized as MUT 112 Radio with a nice flash interface. Listening assignments are set up as blog entries that allow students to comment and get responses from the faculty member. There’s also a class wiki to address broad questions from the perspective of looking at “music theory as exactly that – a theory, or more accurately a collection of theories on how music works and is structured.”

This will be an interesting course to watch. The blog is already getting some substantive comments, and the wiki isn’t particularly welll developed since it’s so early in the class. Between the wiki, the listening assignments and the actual compositions the students are doing, looks like a very demanding course, but one with real potential to use read/write tools to engage students.

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