A Principal Who Blogs (Fearlessly)

Link to: MabryOnline.org

This is an beautifully designed site from a school in Marietta, Georgia that celebrates “Making Learning Irresistable for Over 25 Years.” The site features blogs by most of the teachers and key administrators, including some links to actual lesson plans. The teachers’ blogs all have RSS feeds and incorporate many of the features we talked about in our You be the Dean exercise.

The principal’s blog includes a review and recommendation for Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat, along with a link to a podcast of an interview with the author. The book has been made required reading for all subject area coordinators at the school and will eventually be circulated throughout the entire staff. Moreover, he’s recommending that all parents read the book before attending the open house parent’s night’s and even threatens to require the 8th graders to read it. (This book has been mentioned in the keynote at every professional meeting I’ve been to in the last six months. If you haven’t read the book and don’t have time to, at least checkout the podcast or this video at MIT.)

This is a pretty fearless recommendation, since the book offers significant challenges to the status quo, particularly to the educational system. If many of the parents actually take the recommendation and read the book, it could make for some mighty interesting discussions on parents night!

Thanks to David Warlick for the link: 2 Cents Worth » Blog Archive » A Glimmer from Cobb County.

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