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Link to: » Online Document Collaboration Tool – 37Signals’ Writeboard

Lifehack points to a web-based application called Writeboard that might be a better way of writing collaboratively than any of the tools we’ve considered so far–wiki, blackboard forum or sending multiple word documents among 7-8 recipients. This another lightweight application from 37Signals which produces the BaseCamp project management system and Backpack list manager. 37Signals is dedicated to producing highly focused software to perform very specific tasks with a minimum of fuss and bother. For example, Backpack is described as “a wiki without the wacky”, and one customer refered to BaseCamp as “the iPod of project management.”

Some have called Backpack “a wiki with out the wacky.” Others have called it “blogish.” Others have said it’s a project management tool for all the little things in your life. Some say it’s a application that helps you get things done. Some have called it Basecamp’s little brother. Call it what you will. We call it useful and hope you do too.

Both Writeboard and BaseCamp might be worth a look as tools to help us in our project management.

2 thoughts on “Collaborative Writing/Planning Tools”

  1. Very cool indeed. I have created a test Writeboard for this group to demo. We all can create on it is free. And I created a BaseCamp acct. for another project I am working on. However, our fearless project managers can create one for our project. It too is free.

    What else do you have up your sleeve Dr. Roche? I am lovin’ this!

  2. I too am using writeboard as a collaborative tool in another class. It is very useful and very helpful. It allows us the opportunity to do a lot more and includes the ability to use revisions. We are also using backpack and (social bookmarking tool)

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