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I’ve often used the example of how quickly and effectively Larry Lessig’s book Free Culture was remixed into a dozen different forms. If I remember correctly, the audio version was available within a weekend after AKMA suggested splitting up the chapters and preparing MP3 files.

This is a great summary of how folks spontaneously found ways to enhance and make an important presentation available to those who couldn’t attend Northern Voices. Like Alan, I’ve generally found conference PowerPoints to be a bit of a disappointment:

It was a fabulous session if you were there. Typically at a conference, the session ends when it is over, and if you were not there, at best you may get someone’s blogged notes or perhaps a fat PowerPoint to download. I have yet to download a presentation file from a session I did not attend and get more than maybe a URL from the download. A presentation file is not a presentation experience.

This session clearly didn’t end when it was over– the remixing continued literally around the world.

Let’s follow the geographic trail- starting from a session presented and recorded in Vancouver BC, audio loaded to a blog in Arizona, images uploaded from Seattle, a movie produced from Hong Kong, and a distilled session summary from Portugal!

The comments suggest that we’re continuing to learn from this experience.

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