Inside Higher Ed: Duke’s Ever-Evolving iPod Initiative

Inside Higher Ed :: Duke’s Ever-Evolving iPod Initiative

Duke continues to expand its use of iPods in teaching with over 100 faculty developing materials for use in courses. (Faculty members using the devices in class get there’s free from the university). After making news by giving iPods to all incoming students a couple of years ago, Duke now loans them to students enrolled in classes that use them.

…any student in a course for which Duke has approved iPod use can borrow one of the devices free of charge for the term. And any student who wants to own instead can one for $99, about a third of the price of the audio/video iPod. Duke will keep refreshing the “loaner pool”

Duke is adding microphones to the loaner iPods to encourage students to become producers of audio content, as well as consumers. The initiative is part of a larger program called the Duke Digital Initiative.

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