Laptops Make Math More Stimulating

Laptops Make Math Stimulating

One of the drivers for the myNotebook initiative has been to help be sure that we’re ready to respond to a generation of students who will be entering William and Mary with much different experiences with computers than those of the past. One of the most interesting parts of the article was the amazingly blasé description of the fact that these computers where being used in the high school’s “robotics lab.”

One of those projects is now taking off in the school’s robotics lab, where Papert helped students create computer programs to create virtual “towns” and “villages,” along with student-built robotic trains.

I guess every high school has a robotics lab now. My google search for “high school robotics team” generated over 10,000 hits. (“High school rodeo team”, which was pretty big when I was in graduate school in Texas, only got about 1,200 links.) I”ve missed the whole high school robotics revolution!

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