I Love it When A Project Comes Together

TIP Community ยป Image Cataloging

We’re getting to the point where some of our Technology Integration Fellows are beginning to see the results of their work for the semester. We’ve asked them to post regular progress reports to the TIP Community blog and now enough work has been done that the reports are getting much more interesting.

Take this example from TIP Fellow Andrew Schmadel. IT already supports an installation of the Madison Digital Image Database (MDID) software, and this project is building on installation to manage a 6000 slide collection for the American Pilgrim, a magazine devoted to gathering and sharing information about the pilgrimage site at Santiago de Compostela in Spain where thousands have travelled on foot, or by horseback (more recently by bicycle) for over eleven hundred years.

It’s great to see some of these projects, which began as just ideas submitted through an electronic form, come to fruition.